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Kwentong Pinoy:

Balikatan para sa Kalikasan

Kwentong Pinoy is a family-oriented community event organised by the University of the Philippines Alumni in Victoria. The theme this year is: Balikatan para sa Kalikasan (Shoulder to shoulder with nature).

Performances led by The Kiko Choir featuring Chedi Vergara, former member of the singing group "Smokey Mountain" and followed by singing with the Kiko Choir Kids. There were fun family activities including Father's Day card malking, doll making and jewellery making using recycled and reusable materials. Filipino food were provided by our event sponsors Tambayan Restaurant, Mama Sita's (Mang Jose's Chicharon), The Weekend Ensaymada and Akasya Kape.


Guest speakers included The Philippine Consulate General Melbourne, Merri-bek City Council Climate Resilience Lead Mara Baviera and Zero-Tag Founder Joseph Yap.

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Celebrate Filipino heritage and culture in Australia.

As the fourth largest permanent migrant community in Australia (ABS Census 2021), Filipinos are rich in culture and history and has so much to share to the multicultural fabric in Australia.

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Family friendly event

Register to participate in Kiko Choir Kids by signing up with your child's name and age. Kiko Choir will engage prior to the event day so we can prepare you and your child with singing the song BAHAY KUBO at the event.

Our sponsors, Tambayan and MLV Group will be providing food along with the Weekend Ensaymada and Akasya Kape (first come first served).

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The Kiko Choir

The Kiko Choir is celebrating more than 31 years of singing in Melbourne's oldest Catholic church.  The Kiko Choir are a non-profit, volunteer-led and community-driven organisation with the goal to serve the Catholic Church and wider faith communities in Victoria. Donations are welcome via EFT/bank transfer.

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Chedi Vergara, former member of Smokey Mountain

Chedi has graciously accepted to perform at Kwentong Pinoy with the award-winning song 'PARAISO'.

Chedi is offering singing lessons from beginners to vocal coaching. If you're interested, you may send her an email:

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