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Mentoring Program 2023

The University of the Philippines Alumni in Victoria (UPAV) Mentoring Program is a unique and tailored program created in a collegiate mentoring model for UPAV members in Victoria. You will have the opportunity to engage in a 1-on-1 and small group mentoring sessions available for Mentees to connect with Mentors.

Register as a Mentee

Being a mentee can be a significantly positive life-changing experience. It requires you to be curious, open-minded, proactive and willing to ask questions. As a mentee, you will be in a unique position to help your mentor to understand their wisdom and see the perspective that their experiences have brought them, and to challenge their assumptions and ways of thinking and acting.


Register as a Mentor

Being a mentor is a multifaceted role - you are a trusted advisor, coach, a wise counsel. It holds the potential to share the wealth of knowledge and experience you have accrued from doing things right, from doing things wrong, from things going as you expected they might and from them not doing so at all.

Key dates

06 March 2023 - EOI open

27 March 2023 - EOI close

03 April 2023 - Successful mentoring participants contacted via email

14 April 2023 - Mentoring group matching complete

24 April 2023 - Mentoring launch and commencement 

27 May 2023 - Mid program event - Workshop 1 

15 July 2023 - Wrap up; Program close 

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