Isko at Iska sa Melbourne

Welcome to UPAV homepage!

Tara na at sumama sa paglalakbay ng mga Isko at Iska sa Melbourne

We are a community of professionals from the University of the Philippines (UP) based in Melbourne, Victoria. We exist to enliven and uplift the professional network of UP alumni living in Melbourne and create a long-lasting impact to the Filipino Australian community.  We are here to empower, connect and become visible as truly proud 'Isko at Iska ng bayan' (scholars of the state).


UPAV provides a channel to connect and support former students of the University of the Philippines (UP) who live in Victoria and call Australia home. Since November 2019, UPAV has grown to more than 250 members via social media, including LinkedIn and Facebook. While growth of members via social media is expected, it is also important to capture and invite previous UPAV members who are not in social media. 

UPAV invites everyone who have attended UP to become part of, and re-unite with the UP community and alumni association. 

UPAV aims to build its identity, provide support to new and current residents in Victoria and create a collegiate environment in that is underpinned by 

UP’s motto: 

“Honor and Excellence” 

and the Victorian community values of mateship and paying forward.



UPAV exists to provide support and a sense of belonging to alumni members and make a valuable contribution to the Victorian community. 

In determining the statement of purpose, we identified the underpinning needs of the organisation using a ‘Needs Inventory’ model. 

The top 3 needs that have been identified are: (1) support, (2) belonging, and (3) contribution.


Our vision is to establish the UP alumni association in Victoria as a progressive and exemplary organisation that will provide a channel for new and existing members to unite and uphold the Filipino cultural values and thrive in an Australian way of life.


We will create a positive, collegiate and cooperative environment that will, in turn, create a model organisation with other Filipino communities.


We will do this by:

●  having regular catch-ups with members

● providing alumni networking sessions 

● providing a platform for job opportunities, volunteering and business networking via a website and directory

● welcoming newcomers by linking them with experienced alumni living in Victoria